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About Us

What I eventually realized is that everyone is busy, often with great skill and knowledge unrelated to style and artistic expressions, but that doesn't mean they are not interested. They simply don't have time, and often settle for the same mass produced but recognized logos as everyone else.

I decided to create Butterfly Design Boutique in collaboration with talented European artists, to bring creativity and beauty to people in a way that lets them express their own individual style just as easily as they could spend money on things that are mass produced. I chose the word "butterfly" to use in the name of my business because I love flowers and often see butterflies adding to their beauty the same way the right accessories add beauty to each woman who wears them.

My collection is the result of my own design concepts and many conversations with artists and crafts people. I’ve also been inspired by discussions with people just like you who have good taste and a sense of individual style. I hope you'll enjoy looking around my store for your next special occasion or for something to make every day more fun.

Hello and welcome to

Butterfly Design Boutique.

My name is Iryna, and I'm

a happy American

originally from Ukraine. I'm

a former teacher, a 

devoted mom, and an avid

gardener (and also the

lucky wife of a good


When I was growing up, I

enjoyed finding ways to make life more interesting with unique and artistic accessories. When I decided to move to California as an adult, I thought it would be even easier to create an interesting room or unique personal look, but to my surprise I noticed that many people looked just like everyone else. What a strange thing in a land known for freedom of expression and variety of choices!

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